Wood Waste Moisture

Construction and demolition work, lumbering, and furniture industries all contribute to the increasing potential of wood waste to be utilized as a production resource. Uncontaminated wood waste (those scraps not mixed with other materials or coatings) from framing operations during construction are used as a valuable feedstock for the engineered woods industry (laminated woods, plywood, composite panels).


Other types of wood wastes will be as compost materials, biomass fuel, and mulch. The increasing costs of disposing of wood waste in landfills and the growing emphasis on the reuse and recycling of materials makes wood waste an increasingly valuable commodity.


Moisture in wood waste is critical to the success or failure of the end product. As an example, for wood waste destined to become fuel, pellets must be produced with a moisture content of less than 10% to allow maximum burn at highest combustion efficiency.

Measure Wood Waste Moisture Accurately with IR-3000

Moist-Tech brings the expertise of more than 30 years experience in accurately measuring moisture in a large variety of manufacturing environments. The state of the art accuracy of Moist-Tech’s IR-3000 Near Infrared (NIR) technology:

The Moist-Tech IR-3000 is easy to install and built to withstand the harsh environments of the production facility.

Increase Revenue

Production line downtime and product inconsistency reduce both the efficiency and the profit margins of any company. In the competitive market space of wood waste management, every process requires consistent and accurate information to produce a quality product. Customers expect and demand a quality product from a dependable manufacturer.


Eliminating the time and errors in other measurement systems allows for the production process to flow smoothly while maintaining a superior quality standard. Instant, accurate measurement feedback from Moist-Tech’s IR-3000 frees production resources from the labor and time intensive activities of collection, drying and measuring samples from the production lines. Higher outputs are achieved, and resultant profits are realized.


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