Privacy Policy

Our team (hereinafter referred to as "MoistTech") takes privacy seriously. We appreciate that you trust us with data that is important to you. We want the way in which we use this data to be clear to everyone.

This Privacy Policy describes what personal data we collect when you interact with us or use our products and services. You will learn how we use your personal data, what rights and options you have, what data we collect, how we control your information, and what measures we take to ensure its security.

This Privacy Policy is divided into two parts. Part One generally describes our privacy practices. Part Two contains detailed information about specific products and services, including our website and our use of cookies.

Part One: General Privacy Practices

We specifically inform:

1. What information is collected

When a user uses our services, we collect the following types of information.

MoistTech may collect certain types of information about the user when they access and use our products and services, visit our website, or interact with us in other ways, such as participating in a MoistTech event. The categories of information we collect are as follows:

We may store user information outside of their country of residence, regardless of where we conduct business.

2. How we collect information

We collect information about usage, devices, and networks when a user accesses our website or uses our products. The other information listed above may come directly from the user, authorized sellers and distributors, vendors or other business partners, such as companies that help us organize events, or organizations or guardians authorized to provide information on behalf of the user.

In cases where your organization licenses or purchases products or services that you use, creates an account on your behalf, or otherwise manages your use of MoistTech products and services, your use may be subject to your organization's policy. The license administrator may have access to certain information about you, such as your name, email address, and products to which you have access under your organization's license. MoistTech is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of your organization, which may differ from those specified in this Privacy Policy. If your organization manages your use of MoistTech products and services, please direct privacy inquiries to that organization or administrator.

3. How we use your information

The personal data we collect is used for the following purposes:




4. Reasons why we share your data

MoistTech does not sell or rent your personal data to other companies. We will not disclose your personal data to other companies unless to a limited extent and for limited purposes described below.

MoistTech may share information with associated entities, partners, service providers, authorized sellers and distributors, and other third parties for the limited purposes described in section 3 above. These entities may be located worldwide and belong to the following categories:

MoistTech may disclose current or past user information to third parties for limited purposes, such as investigating and enforcing the law, if MoistTech believes that the use is (i) contrary to MoistTech's terms of use and/or (ii) related to unlawful acts. MoistTech may also disclose aggregate information that does not identify third parties.

When we share personal data, we use a contract that requires the recipient to protect personal data in accordance with the law. If you have questions about the security measures we use to protect your data or would like to request a copy of your data, you can contact us at

5. User rights regarding their data

We provide you with ways to access and control your personal data, as described below, regardless of where you live.


The right to opt-out of marketing and commercial email messages.


MoistTech sends various types of emails, including newsletters and event announcements. We may also contact you for marketing or sales purposes, using information provided by you or on your behalf through our website or our sales channels, distributors, or business partners, such as those who help us manage events. Users can opt-out of receiving such communications.

Data Sharing

For active customers, including test users, we may contact them to provide information about MoistTech products or services that are licensed or in use. These are messages that provide information, for example, about software updates, upcoming subscription renewals, and new software versions to which you have access based on your current license. You cannot opt-out of these messages if you have an active license, as they contain important information about your licensed products and services.

Blocking Cookies and Internet Advertising

To block cookies, ads, and some other information sent over the Internet, you can use your browser settings and third-party services. For more information, please refer to your internet browser documentation and help pages, as well as our cookie information below.

Changing, Correcting, or Deleting User Personal Data

MoistTech account holders can make changes and corrections to their personal data online. If you have any other questions or requests regarding your personal data or want to exercise any rights related to your personal data, please contact us at

In some cases, we may not be able to fully comply with your request. For example, even if you request the deletion of your personal data, we may be required to retain your data for legal purposes. In such cases, we will respond to your request and explain to what extent we were able to fulfill these conditions.

6. Information provided in the forum area

Users can provide information in the publicly accessible areas of the MoistTech community websites. Content transmitted for this purpose, including personal data, may not be protected by information collected in other sections of the MoistTech website. The transmitted content will be available from any location worldwide via the Internet, and any information that you provide may be used by MoistTech and the public, both in the country from which you posted it and elsewhere.

7. Data storage

We store information about your account, such as your name, email address, and password, for as long as your account exists because we need it to operate your account. In some cases, when you provide us with information about certain services, we delete the data after it is no longer needed to use them. We also store information about the user and their use of the services for as long as necessary for our legitimate business interests, for legal reasons, and to prevent harm, as described in the sections "How we use user information" and "How we share user information."

8. Information protection

We work hard to keep your data safe. We use a combination of technical, administrative, and physical verification to maintain the security of your data. However, no method of transmitting or storing data is completely secure. If you have concerns about security, please contact us.

9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

MoistTech may change this Privacy Policy at any time, and such modifications take effect immediately upon the publication of the revised Privacy Policy. Notification of material changes to this Privacy Policy will be provided by noting the new "updated" date at the top of this Privacy Policy.

Part Two: Privacy in Certain MoistTech Products and Services

1. Website and Online Services

When you visit the MoistTech website or otherwise use our online services, we collect information about your usage, devices, and networks, such as your IP address, operating system type, browser type, and the sub-pages you visit. We may use data collected through web server logs, JavaScript code, and cookies (as described below). We use this information for purposes such as administering our website, helping to diagnose problems with our technology infrastructure, delivering relevant content to visitors, and analyzing visitor behavior to better understand their needs.

The MoistTech website also includes several forms and additional methods of data collection that require the submission of contact information, payment information, and other details. Providing this information is optional, but you may not be able to complete certain transactions, use certain services, or access certain features of the MoistTech website or software without providing the required information. If you voluntarily provide us with information through a form on our website and the information is not part of a legal or business transaction, you consent to the storage and use of your information for the purposes for which it was provided, and your information may also be used for sales and marketing purposes unless you opt out.

2. Cookies

When you visit the MoistTech website or otherwise use our online services, one or more cookies are placed on your device (or read from it), if your browser is set to accept cookies. A cookie is a small data file that we send to the hard drive of a user's computer through their web browser. The cookie consists of a simple code that is used to access information about the user's account, maintain current session data, and help analyze traffic on the website. MoistTech may use information in cookies for various purposes, including but not limited to market research and improving the content of our website.

Although web browsers typically allow cookies by default, you may not allow cookies to be saved by modifying the settings of your web browser to disable cookies. You can also set your browser to inform you when a cookie is about to be saved, giving you the opportunity to decide whether to accept it. If you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to use all of the features of the MoistTech website and online services.

Some cookies are used for internal purposes, such as keeping the user logged into their MoistTech account or informing us which pages they have visited. MoistTech also sets cookies that familiarize themselves with the user's preferences while using the website, so that the MoistTech team can offer marketing information tailored to the user's needs and interests.

3. Do Not Track

Like most other companies, our website and online services are not configured to respond to "Do Not Track" browser settings because a formal "Do Not Track" standard has not yet been adopted.

4. Customer Service and Technical Support

Callers may be recorded and the recordings used for internal training and audit purposes. We inform callers if their conversation is being recorded. Recordings are periodically deleted in accordance with company policy. Other technical support information, such as email and form submissions, is stored in MoistTech systems for tracking the effectiveness of technical assistance and improving our products.

5. Shop

The shop (available at employs security measures to protect information related to orders from improper use, destruction, and alteration. Encryption helps protect credit card numbers and personal information by encrypting data transmitted to the shop. We encrypt communication related to each order. The shop does not store credit card numbers but does store payment and transaction information, including the order number.

6. Product Installation, Licensing, and Usage

Information collected by us in connection with product installation, licensing, and usage allows us to understand user requirements, provide effective licensing of our products, and provide users with information that may be necessary for future support.

In order to enable users to use our products, we may request or collect information such as email address, physical location, phone number, title, and/or username used to log into the system. Such information may be used for product activation, registration, or license updates.

Most MoistTech products and services include license management and anti-piracy technology. Most MoistTech products and services also include technology that sends information about user experiences to MoistTech both during normal use and in the event of software failure. This technology causes products and services to send messages to MoistTech over the internet that contain information about networks, devices, licenses, and usage.

At the time of installation or activation, MoistTech license management software may collect information about networks and devices, including IP address, computer host name and user name, and operating system version. When you use MoistTech products and services, MoistTech license management software may periodically collect information about networks, devices, accounts, licenses, and usage in real-time, including the license associated with your account, and the products and features you are using. License administrators may create accounts for licensed users and review information about their use of MoistTech products, such as checking which products users have access to and whether those products have been activated.

User experience information may include products, features, and services to which you have access, session length, errors encountered, IP address, license identifier, and email address if you choose to provide it when sending an error report. Desktop computer users can opt out of sending user experience information during installation. MoistTech has technical and organizational limitations that limit access to product usage information and prevent the sharing of personal data within MoistTech. MoistTech does not provide this information to third parties except for internet and system infrastructure providers with whom we have agreements.

7. Online MoistTech Service

The MoistTech online service may require logging into a MoistTech account. In addition to the information we usually collect through our website and online products and services, if you choose to integrate our services with third-party services, MoistTech may store authentication information for third-party sites.

When storing files using our online services, the files are stored with the internet and system infrastructure provider and third-party site with which MoistTech has entered into an agreement. If you work offline, your files are stored on your own device until you return to online mode.

If you store files using our online services, they are only available to you unless you decide to share them. Even if you have an account in an organization such as a company or university, other people in your organization can only see your files if you decide to share them. Selected MoistTech staff performing specific IT functions have limited access to implementation, backup, and data recovery operations. All these employees have signed confidentiality agreements.

8. Products and services purchased through authorized resellers and distributors

We provide information to our authorized resellers and distributors to the extent necessary to perform their duties. We also receive information from our authorized resellers and distributors when you contact them about our products and services or when you buy our products or services from them. The shared information includes contact information, organization information, licensing information, and products and services in which the user has expressed interest.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or MoistTech's privacy practices, please contact us at

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