Soup Powder Moisture

Soup powder is a highly convenient, inexpensive food used around the world in numerous applications. Maintaining precise moisture measurements during processing ensures a product that tastes better and lasts longer. Moisture measurement also helps reduce waste and production downtime.

MoistTech Capabilities

MoistTech has 40 years of knowledge and experience in with moisture testing technology. With the help of our industry partners, we’ve developed the IR-3000, a moisture sensor with the accuracy and reliability to keep your soup powder processing line running efficiently and yielding top-quality results.


The IR-3000 soup powder moisture sensor takes instant, non-contact measurements of moisture, as well as temperature, fat, protein, and more.

Benefits of Gauging Soup Powder Moisture

Compared to other soup powder moisture sensors, the IR-3000 helps lower energy costs and reduce start-up and downtimes. Our moisture measurements are carefully calibrated to help eliminate product waste, and that can result in higher profit margins.


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