Sausage & Deli Meat Casing Moisture

Having the correct moisture levels in sausage and deli meat casings is essential for proper freshness and the longest possible shelf life. To achieve a top-quality meat product, you need sensitive moisture measurement instruments during sausage processing.


MoistTech moisture sensors can provide a quick reading of the moisture levels of raw sausage and casings, saving plants money by reducing waste.

MoistTech Capabilities

At MoistTech, we have combined our 40 years of experience and knowledge into one highly accurate moisture sensor: the IR-3000 sausage moisture sensor. The IR-3000 is capable of measuring moisture in sausage and meat casing, as well as temperature, fat / oil, sugar, protein and more. The IR-3000 provides top quality, continuous sausage moisture analysis that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy.

Benefits of Deli Meat Casing & Sausage Moisture Testing

We understand your need to maintain quality while reducing costs. The IR-3000 moisture sensor is energy efficient, reduces start-up and downtimes, and eliminates product waste. With ongoing moisture measurement, your end product is guaranteed to have improved quality and shelf life.


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