Flours Moisture

Keeping flour at the proper moisture level is critical during processing. Flour that is either too wet or too dry can result in an inferior product, reduced profit margin, or both.


With 40 years of moisture measurement knowledge, MoistTech can help with your flour processing needs. With the help of our industry partners, we’ve used our knowledge to develop and design the best moisture measurement product in the marketplace. The IR-3000 flour moisture sensor measures moisture levels during processing, resulting in lower operating costs and a higher quality final product.


MoistTech’s IR-3000 flour moisture sensor is designed to measure moisture as the product stabilizes, just prior to packaging. We recommend the moisture testing sensor be mounted several inches above the conveyor so it can continuously monitor moisture levels after processing. The IR-3000 flour moisture sensor is able to continuously monitor product quality without impacting accuracy.

Benefits of Flour Moisture Testing

MoistTech’s moisture sensors are built to withstand even the most challenging manufacturing conditions. Our meters use near infrared (NIR) and radio frequency (RF) technology to provide accurate, consistent moisture level readings.


With MoistTech’s I-3000 flour moisture measurement system, you’ll get:

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