Dried Yeast Moisture

Dried yeast, also known as Baker’s yeast, is a critical component in countless bread products. Anyone who has baked bread knows that dried yeast is a highly sensitive organism and must be treated with the utmost attention.


If the moisture level of yeast is too high, the yeast growth hasn’t fully “deactivated” which can result in product instability and possible contamination. If the product is too dry, the yeast may not be effective and its yield too low.

MoistTech Capabilities

With dried yeast, it’s essential to maintain continuous product monitoring on the fluid bed dryer. When proper moisture levels are maintained, you’ll minimize the risk for a poor quality final product, as well as waste and downtime.


MoistTech’s powerful IR-3000 dried yeast moisture sensor stands above the competition for its continuous, non-contact, highly accurate measurement readings.

Benefits of Testing Dried Yeast Moisture

The IR-3000 generates accurate, consistent results, even in the most sensitive environments. At MoistTech, with the help of our industry partners we have over 40 years of experience in testing and regulating moisture levels in dried yeast and other food products. With the IR-3000, you can expect to reduce start-up and downtimes, maintain energy efficiency, and increase profit margins.


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