Dairy Powder Moisture

Measuring the moisture content in powdered milk is an important quality control step. With low moisture content, chemical reactions in skim milk powder stored at room temperature take place so slowly that the nutritive value is not affected, even after years of storage.


With the help of industry partners and 40 years of knowledge, MoistTech has developed the IR 3000 Moisture Sensor which is ideally suited to measure the moisture levels in the powdered milk production process while improving manufactures product quality and lowering their energy costs.

Checking Moisture Content for Powdered Milk

Typical target moisture content is 3- 4%. Spray drying is the primary method used for drying milk in the dairy industry. Spray drying in its simplest form consists of atomizing the feed, spray-air contact, drying, and separation of the dried product from the drying air.


Like many powdered drinks, milk can absorb moisture from the environment under ambient conditions. The MoistTech Online NIR sensors are used by quality control personnel to continuously measure and monitor the moisture content after the spray drying process and/or just prior to packaging. The MoistTech 3000 Series sensors are available in many enclosures and the most common for the food industry is the 3000F Food Grade.


The fast, accurate and repeatable MoistTech 3000 Series sensors can be mounted online for instant measurement outputting information using any of our options for local display or closed loop control. With the MoistTech 3000 Series sensors there is no waiting for lengthy offline tests with human error.


• Improved Product Quality
• Lower energy costs
• Less waste
• 100% product inspection
• Less downtime

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