Cereals Moisture

All cereal—whether flaked, puffed, rolled, shredded, shaped, hot or cold, sugar-coated or plain—must meet certain moisture level requirements in order to achieve cereal’s trademark long shelf life. Both temperature and moisture levels must be constantly monitored to ensure proper cooking and shaping. All of this requires accurate and reliable moisture testing instruments.

MoistTech Capabilities

With the help from our industry partners—and our 40 years of experience and knowledge—we’ve developed the MoistTech IR-3000, an instrument capable of accurately measuring and regulating moisture in numerous applications, including cereal production.


While MoistTech is all about moisture, the IR-3000 measures temperature, sugar, oil / fat, and more. We’re convinced (and our customers are too) that the IR-3000 is the best cereal moisture analyzer available.

Benefits of Cereal Moisture Control

At MoistTech, we understand your need to watch production costs without cutting quality. That’s why we’ve designed the IR-3000 to be energy efficient. It also reduces start-up and downtimes, and eliminates product waste due to incorrect moisture content. The IR-3000 ensures a top-quality end product that has the exact taste, texture, and appearance you desire.


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