Breadcrumbs Moisture

Maintaining proper breadcrumb moisture levels is essential to a high quality final product. Even small amounts of excess moisture during the production process can result in breadcrumbs that spoil too quickly or don’t maintain desired freshness.


By measuring breadcrumb moisture prior to packaging, you can be assured that the product isn’t too moist, resulting in a product too heavy for its weight, or too dry, resulting in too much product to reach the required weight.


MoistTech’s IR-3000 breadcrumb moisture sensor is designed to measure moisture at end of the production process as the breadcrumbs stabilize, just prior to packaging. We recommend the moisture sensor be mounted several inches above the conveyor so it can continuously monitor moisture levels after the product has cooled.


The IR-3000 breadcrumb sensor is unique in that it is able to monitor the process, even with small gaps in product flow, without impacting the accuracy.

Benefits of Breadcrumb Moisture Detection

MoistTech excels at providing the best possible moisture level readings in the marketplace. For accurate, reliable results that help you maintain quality and a competitive advantage, look to MoistTech.


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