Resin Moisture

In the wood processing industry, the addition of resin is a critical step in the process. As such, it is paramount to have the ability to accurately determine the moisture content of the base wood product prior to the addition of resin. Introducing a resin when the moisture content is too high will reduce the bonding capabilities of the resin, introduce potential safety and equipment problems, and degrade the properties of the finished product. Monitoring resin content and resin coating thickness are also essential in optimizing product quality and reducing costs related to product waste. With MoistTech, you receive the benefit of 40 years of experience related to moisture sensors. This experience, in conjunction with the input of industry partners, has culminated in the development of the IR-3000 moisture sensor. The IR-3000 is precisely designed to accurately measure moisture levels in the harsh environments found in the wood processing industry. Utilizing the IR-3000 to optimize process control improves your energy utilization, enhances product quality, elevates productivity, and results in decreased production costs.


There are numerous applications in the wood processing industry, related to resin moisture, where you will discover the essential nature of our moisture sensors. Further applications are revealed when you take into account the ability of the IR-3000 to measure water and solvent based coating thickness and monitor temperature. This is of special importance in the application of resin coatings. Specific uses are found in: resin chipboard, resin-bonding, resin-impregnated wood, and the application of adhesives and varnishes. At MoistTech, our staff has a wealth of knowledge regarding the specifics of resin moisture in wood processing. Our sensor calibrations, measurement wavelengths, algorithms, and sensor optical requirements are pre-set at the factory. Once installed, you can continuously monitor the process and control moisture content in real time. 

Benefits of Resin Moisture Analysis and Control

The MoistTech IR-3000:

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