Gypsum Board Moisture

Gypsum board may start out wet, but it’s important for it to end up dry. Gypsum board moisture content will affect the drying time and final outcome of the product. High humidity can impact gypsum board causing it to warp. This causes an issue with wasted materials and higher energy costs due to longer drying times in the drying chamber.


MoistTech’s IR-3000 moisture sensor can stop moisture problems before they happen. With continuous and reliable readings, your team can make immediate adjustments as necessary when alerts are received.

How it Works

The MoistTech IR-3000’s non-drift optical design permits non-contact continuous process monitoring and control so that process variation can be detected and adjusted in real time. Typical moisture accuracy is about ± 0.05%, with coating accuracy varying from 0.1 to 0.01 micron, depending on the coating type. Typical analog range is 0-10% moisture. The outputs can be adjusted to optimize PLC or recording requirements.

Advantages of the IR-3000 Moisture Sensor

Our moisture sensor will only need to be calibrated one time. This happens in the factory before it is send to you. Once it arrives on-site, you can simply install the sensor above your conveyer belt. After it is installed, you will begin to receive real-time, immediate alerts. This will allow you to take action before moisture becomes an issue. Additional benefits include:

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