Reconstituted Tobacco Moisture

Reconstituted tobacco moisture affects product quality in several ways:

What is the Best Way to Measure Reconstituted Tobacco Moisture?

By implementing MoistTech’s Model 828 tobacco moisture gauge as part of the IR-3000 online moisture transmitter installation, tobacco processors enjoy the ability to measure accurately reconstituted tobacco moisture in real-time. Built to perform in the extremely harsh conditions of a tobacco processing facility, the 828 allows operators to adjust controls on the line, reducing, if not eliminating, out-of-range moisture content in the final product of the entire batch of product.

Where in the Process Can Reconstituted Tobacco Moisture be Measured?

The Model 828 gauge can be installed at nearly any stage of production, including the conditioning cylinders (before or after drying), cutters, toasters, or directly on the reconstituted lines’ belt conveyors, screw and drag conveyors, down chutes, or storage bins. Installing the gauge within the reconstituted tobacco’s lines ensures that the moisture is accurately measured and controlled in this part of the process.

Why Install MoistTech’s Model 828 Tobacco Moisture Gauge?

MoistTech’s moisture-sensing instruments have become the industry standard for moisture measurement for the following reasons:

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