Expanded Tobacco Moisture

Expanded tobacco reduces the weight of cigarettes by increasing the fill value and burn rate of tobacco, while preserving the same great taste.


Expanded tobacco is much dryer than regular tobacco, which is why it is lighter. Moisture is what makes tobacco heavy.

When producing expanded tobacco, however, it’s important for the end product to not be too dry, as overly dry tobacco burns too quickly and has little flavor.


MoistTech expanded tobacco moisture sensors measure the moisture in any variety of tobacco to within tenths of a percent, allowing you to accurately regulate the moisture levels in your product to achieve the highest possible quality. MoistTech sensors measure sugar, nicotine, flavor, and temperature levels as well.


MoistTech sensors are expertly engineered to improve product quality and optimize the tobacco production process.  With instant non-contact measuring capabilities, MoistTech products are the best on the market.


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