Cigar Filler Moisture

Hand rolled or mass produced, cigars require the perfect blend of tobacco leaves, or fillers, expertly treated to achieve the perfect flavors.


Having the right amount of moisture is crucial when it comes to making cigars. Any good cigar-roller knows that they must keep the tobacco, and especially the wrapper, moist as they form their cigars. An overly dry cigar will burn too quickly with minimal flavor.


From start to finish, MoistTech cigar filler moisture sensors allow close monitoring of moisture in tobacco products, assisting in the production of high quality cigars.


MoistTech sensors measure the moisture of any variety of tobacco to within tenths of a percent. Not only that, but they help measure and regulate other important levels in tobacco as well, including:

Moisture is key to the perfect tobacco. When it comes to measuring the moisture in your products, MoistTech has the right instruments for your needs.


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