Neoprene Moisture

Neoprene has become an extremely important and popular polymer-based textile used in everything from wetsuits and athletic clothing to industrial gaskets and musical instrument components. Its thermal insulating and moisture wicking properties, accomplished by foaming its native rubber-like material with nitrogen gas, make it an extremely versatile product. As with any textile manufacturing process, controlling neoprene moisture during production is critical to the product’s final quality.

Why Control Neoprene Moisture?

Controlling moisture during any textile production process is critical. By accurately and reliably measuring moisture, producers are able to achieve and maintain ideal textile quality and consistency. Because moisture content varies widely in raw materials and at different points in the production process, a moisture measurement system that can collect data at any point of the process is essential. Also essential is a system that achieves reliable and accurate non-contact moisture measurements.

Who Knows Most About Controlling Moisture in an Industrial Environment?

MoistTech has been in the moisture measurement business for more than 40 years. We have established the most extensive user base in the moisture management industry. How did we become the world leader in moisture measurement instrumentation? Our goal was to create not just another moisture measurement system but to determine how existing systems failed and address those shortcomings. With the incorporation of customer feedback, field data, and new technology, MoistTech has been able to create a superior moisture measurement system design.

Why Choose MoistTech’s IR-3000 for Moisture Measurement?

There are other moisture measurement systems out there. Why choose MoistTech’s IR-3000? It’s simple. The IR-3000 is the most accurate, most reliable, and most technologically advanced system available.


In terms of accuracy, the IR-3000 captures thousands of measurements per second. Those measurements are unaffected by temperature, color, gaps in materials, dust, and other environmental conditions.


In terms of reliability, the IR-3000 is pre-calibrated to measure neoprene moisture at the factory. It does not need re-calibration or other tedious maintenance once installed.


In terms of technological advancement, the IR-3000 communicates via laptop computer, PC-based touch screen operator interface, or plant-wide network through RS232/422/485 and Ethernet TCP/IP. MoistTech continually develops new protocols to keep pace with environmental conditions and technological advancements. Current I/O includes 3 x analog outputs 4-20mA isolated, self-powered.

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