Biofuels Moisture

The moisture level in biofuels determines the amount of air required when burning the fuel for optimum heat or energy output and burn efficiency. Mix a biofuel with too little or too much air and the fuel could burn incompletely or burn too quickly. Biofuel producers must monitor biofuel moisture during production to ensure that moisture levels meet fuel use standards and expectations. The most cost effective and efficient use of today’s biofuels requires accurate biofuel moisture measurement during fuel production and when the fuel is burned. MoistTech has developed the industry-recognized moisture measurement system capable of meeting these requirements.

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The IR-3000 biofuel moisture transmitter is MoistTech’s non-contact, near infrared (NIR), online moisture sensor. It was developed to capture thousands of measurements per second, providing instant information in real-time. The sensor’s product loss software capability includes algorithms and precision filters to account for the small gaps in product on the conveyor, inert material, and foreign objects. Its componentry is ruggedly built to outlast and outperform the competition. It can be installed at virtually any point of the production or burn process, including above conveyors, in down chutes, or in storage bins. With the installation of the optional base and stand, the unit provides instant offline or at-line measurements. 

IR-3000 NIR Online Moisture Measurement System

With more than 40 years experience in measuring moisture, MoistTech has incorporated state-of-the-art features into the IR-3000 NIR online moisture management system, including:

IR-3000’s industry-recognized technology makes it the answer to controlling biofuel moisture in your product. 

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