Zinc Oxide Moisture

Zinc oxide has been in use for centuries. During its longstanding usefulness in pharmaceutical, dental, ceramic, glass, pigment, food, cement, and other industrial applications, zinc oxide moisture has required attention to control product quality. Even the smallest variation in moisture can affect clumping and product consistency. While zinc oxide, itself, is nearly insoluble in water, a too-dry production environment can be overly dusty. A too-humid process can affect shipping and handling costs and procedures. Controlling zinc oxide moisture is necessary in an efficient, quality-driven production environment.

MoistTech’s Solution

MoistTech has been providing moisture application solutions to the mineral industry for more than 40 years. By collaborating with our industry partners, MoistTech developed the IR-3000 near infrared (NIR) online moisture detector and software system for testing mineral moisture. Field data across thousands of installations has demonstrated the IR-3000’s +/–0.1% accuracy in measuring moisture. Developed to provide non-contact, instant and continuous moisture measurements, the IR-3000 captures thousands of moisture measurements per second, allowing manufacturers to monitor moisture levels, to precisely control dryers, and to optimize production processes.


Install the IR-3000’s moisture sensor above belt conveyors, on screw and drag conveyors, along down chutes, in storage bins, or at fluid-bed dryers. Communication with the sensor head is managed through isolated, self-powered 3 x analog outputs at 4–20mA for connection to a laptop, PC-based touch screen operator interface, plant wide network via RS232/422/485, or Ethernet TCP/IP. Because the IR-3000’s sensor calibrations, measurement wavelengths, algorithms, and sensor optical requirements are pre-set at the factory, no on-site or routine re-calibration is necessary. Quite simply, installing the IR-3000 in your production environment couldn’t be easier.


Despite its simplicity of installation, the IR-3000 is no lightweight in an industrial environment. Built to outperform the competition, the IR-3000 is rugged, durable, stable, and practically maintenance free. On the production line, it is unaffected by particle size or color, product or ambient temperature, environmental humidity, foreign or inert objects, dust, or gaps in the product flow. The IR-3000 provides continuous, reliable readings, allowing your personnel to confidently make immediate process adjustments to zinc oxide moisture in your production environment based on real-time measurements.

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