Soap Powder Moisture

Maintaining optimal moisture levels during the production of soap powder is critical to achieving the highest quality product.  When the moisture content becomes too high or too low, product quality becomes inferior and waste occurs. To accurately test and regulate moisture in your product, you need a top quality soap powder moisture analyzer—but finding one with the best capabilities is difficult when so many are available on the market.

Benefits of Soap Powder Analyzing

Because we understand your company’s need to cut production costs without compromising on product quality, we’ve made the IR-3000 as efficient as possible. Not only will you see a major increase in the quality of your soap powder, but the IR-3000 will reduce start-up and down times, as well as eliminate waste due to incorrect moisture levels.


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MoistTech’s Solution

For over forty years, MoistTech has been researching moisture and its applications in production industries. We want our instruments to be the latest in moisture testing technology, which is why we’re always discussing with our industry partners about how we can improve our products and better meet their needs.  Their feedback, combined with our decades of experience, is exactly what has gone into developing the MoistTech IR-3000.


The IR-3000 is a moisture sensor with only the best capabilities. It takes instant, non-contact measurements of moisture in % dry and % wet, as well as accurate reading of temperature, chemical composition, and other measurements vital to soap powders.  The IR-3000 allows you to regulate moisture either automatically or manually.

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