Plastic Chip Granule Pellet Moisture

Recycled plastic has endless uses. In fact, just about the only thing it can’t be used for is food applications. The process of turning piles of used plastics into usable products involves a long, complex process. During this process, plastic items are reduced to plastic chips, which are then washed, dried, made into granules, molded into plastic pellets, and reborn into new items. Without the right processing of the plastic during the recycling and production processes, the product quality becomes inferior.


To create the best quality recycled plastic products, you need to use the right equipment. A quality plastic chip, granule, or pellet moisture analyzer is one instrument that is absolutely indispensable.

MoistTech’s Solution

For over 40 years, MoistTech has been developing affordable, quality moisture testing technology. Our goal? To create highly accurate instruments with multiple capabilities. With this is mind, we’re constantly asking our industry partners what they need out of their moisture sensors. Their feedback, combined with our experience and research, is the reason the MoistTech IR-3000 is the top of the line in moisture sensors.


The IR-3000 makes the ideal plastic chip or plastic granule and pellet moisture analyzer. It takes instant, non-contact measurements of moisture in % dry and % wet; allowing you to adjust moisture either automatically or manually to suit your needs. And that’s not all it does. Temperature, water-based coatings, chemical composition, and more are easily measured using the IR-3000.

Benefits of Plastics Moisture Detection

MoistTech understands your company’s desire to cut productions costs without compromising product quality. Using the IR-3000, you can do this while producing better quality product than ever before. The IR-3000 eliminates waste due to incorrect moisture content. It reduces both start-up and down times, too. For the best quality moisture sensor for plastics, choose MoistTech.


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