Moisture Content in Hemp seed

Seed moisture content (mc), commonly expressed as a percentage on wet weight basis, is the most vital parameter which influences seed quality and storage life. The moisture content is also closely associated with several aspects of physiological seed quality such as seed maturity, optimum harvest time, mechanical damage, economics of artificial seed drying, seed longevity and seed & pathogen infestation.


Small changes in seed moisture content have large effects on the storage life of the seeds. Therefore, it is vital to know and monitor the moisture content to make reasonably accurate predictions of the storage life of each accession.


MoistTech is a highly skilled leader in the measurement of moisture during seed processing. Our sensor calibrations, measurement wavelengths, algorithms and sensor optical requirements are pre-set at the factory to the particular needs of each customer and process. Typical accuracy is ±0.1% moisture in the 0-15% range. Typical analog range is 0-50% moisture, and the outputs can be adjusted to optimize PLC or recording requirements.

Industrial Hemp Quality Control

Industrial Hemp primary fibers can be used for textiles, cordage, and fine paper products. The wood-like core fibers are used for animal bedding, garden mulch, fuel, and an assortment of building materials. Moisture content is monitored and controlled throughout the entire process from Harvesting, Grain Processing, Fiber Processing, Packing and Making. During every stage of the production process, moisture content is measured and monitored.

Byproducts/ Waste

During fiber processing, the core fiber is saved and usually used to make paper, horse bedding, or construction materials. Moisture content is a key factor to this process and most hemp producers recycle the core fiber by removing dust, then baling and packaging. At the correct moisture percentage, the dust can be pressed into pellets and used, or sold, as a fuel source.


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