Foundry Sand Moisture

Everyone has their favorite techniques. You may use green sand or resin, wet or dry method—but whatever you do—you know moisture is an indispensable part of sand casting.


Maintaining the proper moisture levels when producing sand molds guarantees bonding takes place between materials to create the right cohesiveness, permeability, refractoriness, surface finish, flowability, and chemical inertness. Without achieving these properties, the quality of castings becomes compromised.


This makes an accurate foundry sand moisture analyzer an indispensable tool in the production of sand molds. But with so many moisture sensors on the market, how do you choose the best?

MoistTech’s Solution

For over 40 years, MoistTech has studied moisture and its application in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, including foundry sand casting. We’re constantly working to develop the latest moisture testing technology with the most advanced capabilities and features.


Our dedication to providing companies with the best moisture sensors has led us to develop the MoistTech CCS3000—a foundry sand moisture gauge vital to creating the best quality products.


The IR-3000 takes instant, non-contact measurements of moisture in % wet and % dry, allowing you to regulate moisture either automatically or manually. But that’s not all it does. The CCS3000 takes highly accurate measurements of temperature, water-based coatings, and other levels important to foundry sand.

Benefits of Foundry Sand Moisture Testing

We understand your desire to cut production costs without compromising product quality.


That’s why we designed the CCS3000 to be energy efficient and low maintenance. Accurate moisture testing and regulation using the CCS3000 means your foundry sand molds will be the best quality, while also reducing start-up and downtime and decreasing product waste.


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