Fiberglass Moisture

Fiberglass has endless applications in the modern world. The raw materials that make up fiberglass can be manipulated in endless ways to make all sorts of things. But whether you are manufacturing fiberglass textiles or fiberglass boats, one thing is certain: quality control is critical.


Moisture content, temperature, chemical composition—all of these must be carefully measured and regulated to guarantee the best quality end product is achieved. To do this, you need an accurate product testing instrument with a wide variety of capabilities.

MoistTech’s Solution

Here at MoistTech, we’re always talking with our industry partners about their needs, and it’s their feedback—combined with our 40+ years of experience and knowledge—that has led to the development of the MoistTech IR-3000.


The IR-3000 is a fiberglass moisture gauge capable of accurately testing more than just moisture. By taking instant, non-contact measurements of temperature, water-based coatings, and other vital fiberglass levels, it combines the features and capabilities of multiple instruments into one convenient system.

Benefits of Fiberglass Moisture Testing

Energy efficient and low maintenance, the IR-3000 cuts production costs. Not only will your start-ups and down times be reduced, but the accurate measuring and regulating of moisture and other levels will ensure the best quality end product. For the best performing fiberglass moisture analyzer with endless capabilities, look no further than the IR-3000.

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