Chalk Moisture

Chalk production requires an understanding of raw materials, formulas, and the best production processes. Without the right equipment, however, the end product can be low quality, or even unfit for use. One important aspect of chalk production—whether you’re making sidewalk chalk for kids or pastels for artists—is moisture.


Maintaining the proper moisture content throughout the entire production process is key to creating top quality chalk. But keeping moisture at the right levels takes accurate moisture testing instruments.

MoistTech’s Solution

For over 40 years, MoistTech has made it our mission to research moisture and its numerous applications in production to provide manufacturers with the latest, most advanced moisture testing instruments. We’re constantly taking advice and feedback from our industry partners to make our instruments work the best for their (and your) product.


The IR-3000 outperforms all other chalk moisture analyzers. By taking instant, non-contact measurements of moisture in % dry and % wet, as well as other important levels such as temperature, the IR-3000 accurately monitors chalk during any step of the process you require. It also gives you the ability to regulate moisture levels either automatically or manually.

Benefits of Chalk Moisture Analysis

At MoistTech, we understand your desire to cut production costs without compromising quality. The IR-3000 saves you money during the entire production process—while at the same time helping you to create the highest quality chalk. The IR-3000 is energy efficient and low maintenance. It reduces start-up and down times, and decreases product waste.

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