Bentonite Moisture

Maintaining proper Bentonite moisture levels is an essential component of processing.


With the help of industry partners and 40 years of knowledge, we have developed the CCS3000 moisture instrument to measure and maintain desired moisture levels during production.


The MoistTech bentonite moisture sensor is uniquely suited maintain accuracy in both wet and dry applications, even in moderately dusty conditions.


Installing the CCS3000 moisture sensor in the processing area above the product allows a manufacturer to continuously Bentonite moisture levels either manually or automatically. To accurately measure moisture levels, the sensor should be installed over the conveyor, several inches above the belt.


In extremely dusty conditions, we recommend an Air Purge System to protect the sensor window from dust and debris.

Benefits of Analyzing Bentonite Moisture

With the MoistTech CCS3000, you will have lower energy costs, waste, and downtime, while improving product quality.


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