Bauxite Moisture

Bauxite is the main component of aluminum and is often used in a variety of manufacturing processes. The increased demand is an even better excuse to observe production more closely.


MoistTech’s CCS3000 sensor will monitor the moisture levels closely and guarantee a more profitable conveyor system, by improving the quality of the products produced and reducing waste.

Bauxite Moisture Meter Installation

The MoistTech bauxite moisture testing sensor should be mounted several inches above the conveyor. The space will ensure the moisture in the bauxite creation process is monitored from start to finish. The sensor can adjust both manually or automatically.


Although the bauxite and excess particles won’t create permanent damage, dust in the production environment may cause build up on the sensor’s window. We recommend installing the air purge system to prevent any problems.

Bauxite Moisture Testing Benefits

Here at MoistTech, we understand the requirements needed to successfully produce bauxite. We pre–set our bauxite moisture testing calibrations, measurement wavelengths, sensor optical requirements and algorithms at the factory. Accuracy is typically about ±0.1% moisture. Typical analog range is 5–15% moisture. The outputs can be adjusted to optimize PLC or recording requirements.


The IP67 rated Sensor can benefit a variety of manufacturing industries. Learn more by visiting our other chemical moisture sensor application pages.

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