Moisture Content in Hemp seed

The IR3000 operates reliably and where other sensors cannot. Whether you work with fine gain to large aggregates in very dry or saturated conditions, the IR3000 is easy to integrate into process lines, conveyors, bins and/or silos. The IR-3000 takes instant, non-contact measurements of moisture in % dry and % wet measurements, and regulates moisture content either automatically or manually to suit your needs. It’s also capable of measuring temperature and other important constituents. The IR-3000 is your best performing option when it comes to material
moisture analyzers. The intelligent pre-processing of the measurement values (300+ per second) allows for smooth average values, adjustable filters, and up to 50 standard calibration curves, stored in the sensor. Three self-powered analog outputs 4-20mA, allow for the easy connection to control system and a very advanced PC software is included at no charge with connections via Ethernet
or RS232/485.


The IR3000 is standard for most materials.
When selecting a cement moisture sensor, you want to have the latest technology with the best capabilities. MoistTech has researched moisture and its application in numerous
manufacturing processes for over 40 years. We’ve taken our decades of experience and knowledge, along with feedback from our industry partners, to develop a superior moisture sensor: The IR3000.

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