Warp Moisture

Warp moisture can be a constant challenge in a manufacturing environment where the temperature and humidity vary. This is especially true for the corrugating industry where the top and bottom liner board moisture levels must be equal after bonding to avoid warp. Moisture levels can change with glue penetration or glue curing – both of which are affected by temperature.

Control the Moisture During Production

With over 40 years of experience, MoistTech engineers have developed a line of NIR moisture sensors that can be used online or offline to be sure that the moisture level is not out of bounds. An online sensor can transmit digital or analog signals to your computer from the manufacturing line in real time using either an RS232 or Ethernet connection. There the software can make alarms or adjustments that help keep your line moving to create a product that can pass QA. An offline sensor comes with a base and stand that is perfect for your lab, field work, or QA testing. With fast, accurate readings your staff can pinpoint problems quickly.

Measure the Glue Application

Monitoring the amount of glue used can save a lot of scrap made from warping if the glue is set up improperly. Catch excess glue with a MoistTech moisture sensor that measure the amount of glue used to assure that the application is uniform and proper for the current temperature and humidity. Adjustments can be flagged and quickly made to keep your line moving and avoiding waste. Our sensors mount above the line, before and after dryers or sprayers, and in other non-contact locations to give you accurate measurements every time. Stop glue problems immediately because the MoistTech sensors are programmed to ignore gaps in the glue, color, and imperfections in the glue. They ignore conveyor belts and foreign objects.

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