Breadcrumb Moisture

In the Vinyl Coating industry, controlling product flow, thickness and moisture levels are critical to the manufacturing process. Monitoring the coating levels in the real-time environment will improve quality while reducing waste and cutting energy costs for drying. With the help of industry partners and 40 years of knowledge and experience, MoistTech has developed the IR3000 Moisture Sensor for taking at line measurements. This first ever “Smart” sensor is unsurpassed in performance and reliability, and provides the ability to control the process to an accuracy of +/- .01%.


Key Benefits…
• Improved Product Quality
• Lower Energy Costs
• Reduced Start-up Times
• Less Waste
• 100% Product Inspection
• Less Downtime


The sensor can be mounted several inches above the conveyor anywhere after the vinyl coater. Measurement wavelengths, algorithms, and calibration parameters are pre-set before installation making the sensor a “plug and play” device. Additionally, the IR3000 offers unlimited networking capability and a number of Digital I/O’s allowing maximum flexibility when integrating the sensor with the process. A unique feature of the IR3000 is that it is able to monitor the process even with gaps in product flow without impacting accuracy.


If the sensor is installed in a location where the ambient air temperature is extremely hot, it is fitted with a built in Vortex Air Cooling System to optimize performance and extend the life of the instrument. Each sensor is equipped with and air-diffuser nozzle to ensure steam, smoke and other debris doesn’t cake on the optical window.

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