Sheetrock Moisture

Drywall, commonly sold under the brand-name Sheetrock, replaced plaster in most commercial construction in the early 1900’s. Modern drywall is adaptable to maximize fire-retardant strength, reduce mold, and control moisture in the house. However, that process cannot start without first controlling the moisture through the entire manufacturing process from delivery of raw materials to delivery to the construction site or home supply store.


Sheetrock is formed by compressing gypsum between thick sheets of paper. Gypsum, mined throughout the world, contains water in its crystalline form. The two molecules of water per complete compound of gypsum gives drywall its fire retardant properties: as a wall burns, the gypsum releases its moisture thus helping to contain the fire. 10 square feet of gypsum board contain over 2 quarts of water.


Paper, the other major component in sheetrock moisture consistency, is also key in creating, transporting and installing drywall. MoistTech has over 40 years of experience helping the paper and gypsum industries maximize the quality of their products and minimize the waste and lost materials. Combining the experience learned in both these two fields makes MoistTech the perfect company with the perfect tool to create a quality supply chain for Sheetrock.

Monitor with MoistTech’s IR-3000 Moisture Sensor

The IR-3000 near infrared (NIR) online moisture detector and software system was designed to measure the moisture in the most extreme environments, even the kettle or flash calciners needed to manufacture sheetrock. You can avoid over drying because the sensor provides non-contact measurement, allowing moisture to be controlled in real time. By using the IR-3000 to optimize process control, you can expect improved product quality, increased productivity, and decreased production costs.


MoistTech’s Sensor Technical Information:

Get Accuracy for Moisture Management Anywhere You Need It

The IR-3000’s sensor is flexible and can be added to multiple work environments including:

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