Pressure Sensitive Coatings Moisture

Moisture plays a critical role in the manufacturing of products with pressure sensitive coatings. Pressure sensitive paper, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, pressure sensitive paint—all of these have one thing in common: if moisture is not properly regulated during the production process, the end quality becomes inferior and product waste occurs.


To accurately measure pressure sensitive coatings, a reliable moisture sensor is an indispensable tool. Yet, with so many companies in the business of moisture testing technology, how do you choose the right one?

MoistTech’s Solution

For over 40 years, MoistTech has been studying moisture and its applications in a wide range of manufacturing processes. With our years of experience and research, we know moisture better than anyone else. Even so, we still rely on our industry partners for valuable feedback on how our products can better meet their needs. This is how we came to develop the MoistTech IR-3000, a moisture sensor with all the versatility and capabilities required by your company.


The IR-3000 accurately measures moisture by taking instant, non-contact readings in % dry and % wet, allowing you to adjust the moisture content of your product either automatically or manually. Water-based coatings, temperature, and chemical composition are also tested, along with other levels vital to pressure sensitive coatings.

Benefits of Pressure Sensitive Coating Moisture Testing

At MoistTech, we understand your desire to cut production costs without diminishing product quality. The IR-3000 is one step better: not only does it reduce start-up and down times, but the accurate testing of your pressure sensitive coatings leads to an increase in product quality and a consequent decrease in product waste.

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