Paper Webs Moisture

Maintaining optimal moisture levels during the production process is key to achieving the highest quality paper webs. When moisture is higher or lower than the ideal moisture content level, your product quality is lessened and waste occurs.


To keep this from happening, you need an accurate paper webs moisture analyzer. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right moisture sensor for your company?

Benefits of Paper Web Moisture Detection

Wouldn’t your company like to cut production costs while boosting product quality? With the IR-3000, both start-up and downtimes are reduced. And because the IR-3000 helps you make the best quality paper webs products, you won’t have to worry about losing large quantities of money due to waste.


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MoistTech’s Solution

For over forty years, MoistTech has been developing moisture testing technology for use in almost every industry. In fact, we’re constantly talking with our industry partners about how to improve our instruments to better suit their needs.  We’ve taken their feedback—along with our decades of experience and research—to create a moisture sensor ideal for measuring paper webs moisture—the MoistTech IR-3000.


The IR-3000 takes instant, non-contact readings of moisture in % dry and % wet, while allowing you to adjust the moisture content either automatically or manually, according to your needs. Temperature, chemical composition, and water-based coatings are also measured with accuracy—along with other levels vital to paper webs.

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