Conversion Coatings on Steel / Aluminum Moisture

Conversion coatings on steel or aluminum require precise production methods. Too thick of a coating wastes resources and costs more in terms of materials used; too thin of a coating creates an inferior product and costs more in the form of lost sales. By using a moisture sensor, manufacturers are better able to control moisture in conversion coatings on steel or aluminum.

Why MoistTech Sensors?

MoistTech has studied moisture control and worked within industries such as the conversion coatings industry for more than three decades. By working with industry experts, we’ve become experts in conversion coatings on steel / aluminum moisture control for the coating industry. Because we seek continuous feedback from the field, MoistTech is dedicated to providing moisture measurement instrumentation that outperforms the competition.

Choose MoistTech’s IR-3000

MoistTech developed the IR-3000 near infrared (NIR) online moisture detector and software system to test conversion coatings on steel / aluminum moisture. From field data across thousands of installations, the IR-3000 has demonstrated +/–0.1% accuracy in measuring moisture. With unsurpassed performance, stability, reliability, maintainability, and cost of ownership, the IR-3000 is the answer to controlling moisture in conversion coatings on steel / aluminum.

IR-3000’s Advantages in Measuring Conversion Coatings Moisture

Adjust Moisture Content and More

The IR-3000 allows you to adjust the moisture content of your conversion coatings on steel / aluminum at any point in the production process. Thousands of moisture analyzers are installed on MoistTech applications to measure moisture and other applications, such as coating thickness, resin content, oil, protein, fat, nicotine, sugar, seasonings, plastic film thickness, and many other constituents.

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