Soy Meal Moisture

Soy meal is created once soy has been processed and oil has been removed. Soy meal can be sold as animal feed meant for poultry, swine and cattle. It is a reputable type of animal feed because of its high fiber qualities.


At its harvest time, soy beans contain moisture ranging from 12% to 15%. If soybeans contain too much moisture, the product should be dried in order to reduce the risk of mold. Keeping the moisture in a specific range is important to be able to utilize the crop for its most economical purpose.


Although soy is eaten by humans, the majority of soy created from the United States is eaten by animals – 98% of the U.S. soybean crop is used for livestock feed.


The oil referred to above that is removed during the soy meal creation has its own uses – this oil is traditionally used for fuel in diesel engines.


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