Beet Pulp Moisture

Beet pulp is a fibrous byproduct from the sugar beet with a main purpose of animal feed, specifically feed for livestock. Beet pulp is traditionally sold in pellet form or as dried flakes. In lieu of hay, beet pulp can be fed to older horses to ease chewing efforts.


Beet pulp moisture is extremely important when processing, even though this product is sold in a dried form. Before it is dried, it has high moisture content and is susceptible to mold. Unnecessary beet pulp moisture obviously increases the chances of mold, which makes the plant both unsellable and unsafe to handle.


If beet pulp is kept at proper moisture levels during handling, horses that ingest it can be just as healthy as those that eat hay. Because the product contains fairly low crude protein content and a profuse level of fiber, animal owners rely on beet pulp as a positive alternative to hay and grain.

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